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17 Jul

Trizonia Island: a quiet destination Featured

Trizonia is the biggest island in the Corinthian Gulf at a 2,5 km2 area and it is the only one that is inhibited.The belong at the county of Fokida and the municipality of Dorida.

The traditional local color and natural beauty has mantained at Trizonia and cars and motorcycles are forbidden.In Trizonia you can find three beaches with bright blue sea.The biggest one ,with the red sand,is located at Punda region,2 km south-east from the port.There are two little beaches named Aspra Halikia and Kapsales and there are located at the south and west sides of the island respectively,across from Peloponissos.The flora of the island includes olive trees,almond trees,vines,prickly pears,cypresses,dense lentisks,holly and eucalyptus.You can reach Trizonia everyday with regular transportation by boat from the settlement of Chania.

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