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Beaches for swimming in Itea

Beaches for swimming in Itea

The town of Itea has a lot of beaches for someone to enjoy a dip in the sea or for sunbathing.

They are all accecible by car to the public.You can find sandy and rocky beaches as well.Most of these beaches have been awarded Blue Flags which means that they have clear waters and they are suitable for refreshing dips in summer. West of Itea Trocadero beach is located,where besides a relaxing day at the beach you can enjoy your coffee or your meal by the sea. In the beach you can find lounges and parasols and is suitable for families.One of the most famous beaches of Itea, is the “Miami” beach,which is a tourist attraction since it offers a beautiful scenery and it is close to many fish-taverns.

Just outside Itea,one can find two of its most beautiful beaches.The first one it is called “Vrahakia” and it is infamous for its crystal clear waters and amphitheatrical location.Also,next to the beach lies the river of St. John, noted at the area for its curative properties.East,you can find the beach and the camping of St. John which houses many tourists every summer. This coast is chosen by many locals due to the streams of the said rivers which “clean” the waters and makes them cooler,something that many seek, especially during the hot summer months. Though a small town Itea offers several alternatives in terms of beaches and can satisfy even the most demanding when it comes to cleanliness issues and to beauty.

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